The legacy of Maac Malad followed and initiated another benchmark in February 2015 by forming another remarkable center of Maac in Mira Road.

With the Best Pioneering Mentors from the industry, Maac-Malad & Maac Mira Road distinctively makes student learning a wonderful experience to behold. Known as two of the best centers indulging in “Student Development Activites”, every day is a learning, every day is an achievement at both these centers.

Be a part of our family to experience the magical sense of belonging and the passion that drives you to make the

“Impossible”, POSSIBLE


MAAC is one of the premier education brands of Aptech Limited. As a leader in career education, Aptech has over 1300+ centres of learning across the world. Aptech commenced its education and training business in 1986 and has globally trained over 6.4 million students, with presence in more than 40+ emerging countries.

Aptech Limited is a global retail & corporate training solutions provider headquartered in Mumbai, India, with a presence across 5 continents.

The company commenced its IT training business in 1986. A pioneer in IT and animation education, over the years, Aptech Limited has trained over 6.4 million students.

Aptech Limited has grown & diversified into various education-related businesses. It is listed on the BSE & NSE.

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