Take up an idea, devote it to yourself, struggle it on in patience and the sun will rise for you, Yes it will!!!

Vihaan, which stands for the “first ray of the sun”, has been initiated by our very own family to celebrate the beginning of our identity; which is not only a platform for our students to show some“out of the box creativity” but it also brings us all together, thus proving that T E A Mteam stands for “Together, everyone achieves more”.

Vihaan 2017 got even more exciting at Capers Banquet Hall on 19th April, 2017. 20 categories, 200 students, 125 Winners! Games, cultural events, showcasing mesmerizing performances like dance, singing and mimicry acts added cherry to the cake. Winners were honored with Cash prizes, certificates, medals, trophies and goodies. Vihaan’17 received an awesome response from more than 250 students who were accompanied by parents, relatives and friends, which was followed by a sumptuous dinner.

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