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Devanshi Oza

Freelancer Designer

My experience with Maac Mira Road was very nice. The knowledge i gained at the centre has really helped me to boost my career.

I wish all the very best to the centre.


Graphic Designer – Creative Bliss

It was a wonderful Journey with MAAC Miraroad. Teaching and Non-Teaching staff are supportive and helpful. Lectures are prompt and precise in a fun learning environment.

Dimple Rathod

Sr.3D artist & Project Manager – PrismARTec India Pvt. Ltd.

It was my wonderful experience with MAAC.Big thanks to my mentor for great support and guidance, awesome work environment & provides required training for improvement & acquiring a job placement.

Christopher George

Animation Production Coordinator – Maya Digital Studios

My Experience is something that cannot be put down on paper, but all I can say is I loved and enjoyed every bit of it and I am sure that I won’t be able to Re-live this experience anywhere else again. Some things come just once in a lifetime. Will also miss all the teachers and Seetha Ma’am the most.

Jeet Joshi

Student, ADVFX,Maya

“Teaching is one of those professions that keeps you on your toes and keeps you young at heart” is what she believes in.

Being a student of MAAC Malad from last 2 years, MAAC have been a great experience for me. It has helped me grow as an artist technically as well as aesthetically. Also It has polished my team playing skills, raised my self-confidence, and communication skills. It’s been a good time being a part of MAAC MALAD family.

Aakash Sharma

Student, ADVFX

MAAC, seems to me like a cool place for achieving my goals! MAAC helps me to structure my career! Best thing are the faculty who are always there for supporting us in any of the situations.

Bappa Bera

Student, ADVFX,Maya

I’m Bappa Bera Doing ADVFX Programme from MAAC MALAD having the best time of my life, spent with the best group of people, I will always recommend the MAAC MALAD to anybody who’s thinking of studying 3D Animation or VFX.

Neil Jhaveri

Student, AD3D Edge, Advanced Compositing

Each day spent here was amazing. Apart from education i have got a lot more important thing from Maac Malad which will be with me forever and that’s friendship. Maac Malad was the best challenge ever. An intense course, though very much fruitful. The whole course was a great harmony of theory and practice giving the opportunity to put what you learn into practice. Very helpful and professional Center Head, kind staff as well as excellent facilities. Almost felt like home.

Syed Taqi Mehdi

Student, ADVFX,Maya

Absolutely loving my time here. I had the greatest experiences and i have had the best faculties and staff and i have got the best friend circle. Great time, great place, really going to miss it.

Yash Fernandes

Student, ADVFX,Maya

It was an awesome experience in Maac Malad, I thank whole heartedly to all my mentors Amit sir, Poulomi mam and Shoeabsir under whose guidance i have learned a lot many things since I have joined, be it in any software or about life. And of course a big thanks to Seetha mam for encouraging me to take up the course which truly turned out to be a life changing experience.. And thanks to all the staff members’ thank you all so very much.

Chanda Rajbhar

Senior Editor – Spazemedia

I’ve never had so much fun learning anything. MAAC Mira Road faculty & the Centre team helped a lot in enhancing the skills required for this industry.

Sumit Shyam Sehgal

Head Video Editor – Hare Krishna Television

I have Learned the Softwares to the most. Faculty is very supportive, they help each and every student and they teach the softwares in detail.

Vishal Vijaygopal

Production Co-ordinator – Double Negative

Life in Maac-Malad has been for a very beautiful experience for me and whenever I come to Maac Malad, I feel like I have come home. Thank you Maac malad for everything you have given me to move forward in my career and very special thanks to Seetha mam.

Mobin Mohanan Nallari

Senior V.F.X view-D Paint Artist – PRIME FOCUS WORLD

My experience in studying MAAC Malad was great. I got to discover myself better in the field of Animation and VFX. As I got a good training and guidance from the faculty, which helped me in choosing my career in this field.

Sayed Askari

Compositer – The Pixellence Studio

Best time of my life was being a student of Maac Malad.

Kanwar Rohan

Student, ADVFX

Absolutely loved my time here. I had the greatest of experiences. Learned a lot of things. Thanks to all my faculties.

Kshitij Kalambe

Student, ADVFX

Maac Malad surrounded by quality, helpful staff and an abundance of opportunity really makes the Institute a great place to be.Appreciation from faculties gives a boost to work hard.

Debashish Debnath

Student, ADVFX

It was a wonderful experience in Maac Malad. Joining Maac Malad was one of the best decisions of my life and I can also say that Maac Malad was like my 2nd family. All of the best faculties are in Maac Malad.

Prashant Vishwakarma

Student, S3D

The experience of maac malad was awesome and every professor’s were helpful while doing any work.Thank you so much maac malad team for teaching and supporting me as a friend.

Arul Anbu

Student, S3D

My experience with maac Malad has been great. Got to learn a lot here. Made some good friends and memories to cherish forever. The faculty is very supportive and helped us grow. Miss my days here.

Pooja Rane
Pooja Rane

Production Coordinator at Double Negative

Maac Malad surrounded by quality, helpful staff and an abundance of opportunity really makes the Institute a great place to be.Appreciation from faculties gives a boost to work hard.

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